Which comic books are worth buying?

The Comic Book Writers of America’s annual convention kicks off on Monday in New York City, and its first-ever panel on comic books will take place.

The annual convention is held at New York Comic Con, a pop-up shop in Times Square that features more than 50,000 comics fans.

The New York Times’s Adam B. Levine, who covers comics for The Verge, was the one who got the call to bring together the panel of industry insiders and comics bloggers.

Levine and his panel of panelists will discuss the best comics in each of the three major comic book universes, which are Marvel, DC, and Image.

One of the panelists, Scott Lobdell, is the writer of the Marvel and DC comic book adaptations of The Walking Dead, which will be featured in the first episode of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Shot.

The panelists are joined by comic writer Matt Fraction, artist and artist Jason Fabok, and creator-executive writer Joe Keatinge.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in comics,” said Fraction.

“There’s something to be said for people who can’t wait to get to the convention.

There’s also something to the fact that there’s a sense of camaraderie.

There is a community of people who really know each other, and you can connect.

We’re all in this together, and that’s a really great thing.”

“There are a lot of amazing creators on this panel,” added Fabok.

“If you are looking for a unique comic to pick up, this is it.

It’s like having a panel for all the different artists.”

“You don’t have to be a comic geek to be into comics,” Fraction said.

“You just need to enjoy them and appreciate what they do.”

“This panel will be fun and it will be a great time for people to talk about their comics,” Levine said.

Fabok said that he enjoys the idea of panel discussions, but he finds that they are much more fun when people are more involved.

“I love that people are involved, and they can be as interesting as they want to be,” he said.

Keatinges panelist is the artist on Image’s The Walking Shotgun, a graphic novel about a gun-toting teenage boy who is drawn to the violence of his hometown and the people who have been affected by it.

“The Walking Shotgun is the closest thing I’ve gotten to a panel that has no talking points,” Fabok told The Verge.

“It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it has great stories and it’s very different than what most people are used to in comics.

It is a new medium and there is so much room for experimentation.”

The panel will feature an extensive list of comics books, which includes a wide array of titles from Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse, along with more obscure titles from small publishers like Image Comics and Boom Studios.

The two panels will focus on the current crop of creators, ranging from indie creators to established creators.

“What we have in common is that there is a great deal of diversity in the comic industry,” Faboks panelist said.

He added that while there is still a lot that is still to be seen from these creators, he is optimistic that more creators will continue to step into the spotlight in the coming years.

“We can’t see a future without more creators coming in and making comics for us,” Fabos panelist added.

“That’s something that we all want to see.”

Fraction has also been working on a project with writer/artist Jason Latour.

The duo is bringing a new comic to market called Black Panther, a superhero movie that takes place before the events of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

The project will be released in October, and the panelist revealed that the project has a release date.

“Jason Latour is a huge part of the story and this is the best way to do it,” Fractions panelist noted.

“He and I are very similar.

He’s a comic book writer who does his own things, and I’m a writer and a artist who does mine.

The thing that has always made Black Panther a very unique project for us is that it’s not about one hero, or one story.

It deals with the larger issues that are going on in the world right now.”

“I’ve been looking forward to doing this for years,” Fabohas panelist remarked.

“Black Panther is going to be the first comic I’ve done since the original Avengers.

And it’s going to bring new life to a comic that was really lacking in a lot the first few years.”

The second panel will take a look at the current comics that are out there, including Image’s ongoing X-Men: Wolverine and Dark Knight: Dark Nights Journey, which is a series that will debut in January.

“Marvel is taking a new direction and exploring its legacy,” Fabogas panelists said. “[

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