Google has started rolling out a new blog template in the US

A few months ago, Google introduced a new tool that allowed developers to create their own custom blog templates.

Now, the company has begun rolling out an official template in its own blog platform.

The blog template has been developed in collaboration with Google Blogger, which helps developers get started with creating blogs for the platform.

While Google hasn’t announced the name of the new blog post template, the announcement mentions the idea of “creating content with Google’s API and other technologies.”

Google Blogging currently offers a few different ways to build and publish content on the platform, but the new template is the first to offer a full-fledged blog platform with built-in APIs.

As part of the announcement, Google also said that developers can use this template to add content and add widgets to a post.

The new blog templates are available in the blog editor, blog editor templates, and blog templates app.

You can find them in the “Build and publish” section of the app’s menu.