Scriveners who made a name for themselves with craft blogs are making a comeback

The craft blogging world is booming again after a decade-long dip in popularity.

Scrivening and DIY, for instance, is booming in Melbourne and Melbourne’s south-east.

The craft blogging industry is booming, thanks to people like Lauren Scrivers.

The 22-year-old is a craft blogger who has written for Scriver’s Craft Blog since 2012.

“It’s been a really fun experience, to see how the industry has evolved, to be able to share what I’ve learned with people and be able share it with them,” she said.

“The industry has exploded, with a whole new generation of people coming into the industry and it’s been awesome.”

The growth has been fuelled by the growth of the internet, which has enabled many people to get their hands on craft blogs, which have become more popular.

The industry is also thriving thanks to the success of craft bloggers who post their own creative works.

But Lauren says she is not a part of the Craft Blogging scene.

“I don’t go to them because I’m not into it, but I do go to some other sites,” she says.

“They do really great stuff, so I’m sure they’re really good for people.”

Scrivers has been blogging on Craft Blogger since 2012, and is now a freelance writer and photographer.

She also works for a company called Lava Studios, which makes a line of handmade jewelry.

“Lava Studios is a great place to work, I’m able to be really creative and create a lot of amazing stuff,” she told

“There’s a whole bunch of great people out there that do amazing stuff.”

People have really embraced the craft blogging community and it seems to be growing so much.

“We have this wonderful community of people out here who are so welcoming.”

Craft bloggers are becoming increasingly popular, and are making up a significant proportion of the blog traffic.

And Lauren is not the only one making a name in the industry.

The Australian Craft Bloggers Association is making an effort to help grow the craft bloggers community.

“As bloggers, we need to be involved in the wider craft blogging scene,” association president Rebecca Wilson said.”[The] AclBJA wants to support the craft community in Melbourne, through events and sponsorships, and we want to grow the blog community as well.”

“We’ve had a number of bloggers and editors come in for the past couple of years who are all keen to come back into the fold.”

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