How To Get Started With Bluehost Blog Templates

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Setup Your Blog Page First, you need to setup your blog page for Bluehost.

Here’s how to do that. 

This is easy: Open the blog settings and click “Create Blog Template” on the right side. 

Once you’ve done that, click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the page. 

Then click on “Edit” and select the template you want to use for your blog. 

You can also click “Customize Template” at the top of the template page to create a custom template. 

Here’s what you need for your template.

This template should look something like this: Blog Template

Blog Name

<!–This text contains your blog title, title, and any other important info that's displayed on the blog.

If you don’t want this text to be shown, you can remove it here.

You can add more information by clicking the [+] next to this text.

You don’t have to put this text on every page, but you want it to be on the front page, where people see it.–>

We love seeing your posts on Bluehost!

This blog will keep it clean and easy to read!


<!– This is the section where you can add any comments that you'd like to display.

You’ll need to add some comments to your post before it can be shown to visitors.–> <!– The comment section is where your users can add comments.

You must make sure that you add the appropriate comments for your post to be able to show them to visitors!–>


Add Comment

<!–If you don´t want the blog to show up in the search results when someone searches for your name, add this text at the end of your post: <!– The title section of the post should contain some text that says "This post will be hidden when it gets viewed by visitors".

This is a placeholder text, so it will appear in search results even when visitors don’t search for you!

You can put any other text that you want, but this text should be at the very bottom of your page.

You should include the URL of the blog that you are posting to in this section.

You could put this here and it would still be shown in search.

It will not show up when someone scrolls to the bottom and clicks on your link.


<!–You can add a description for the post here.

If your blog is just a single post, you could put it in this area and you would be able see the title in search engines.

–> <!– The footer section of your blog will contain some content that you can show visitors.

It is where you place any buttons that you might need to put on your blog pages.

You will need to make sure you add buttons to the post that work on the footer.

For example, the top left of the footers can have a button that says `Add Comment’, and that button must be clicked on to add a comment to your blog post.

You cannot put anything else here, and you cannot put your own text anywhere else on your post.

In this section you can put a link to your own blog page that has a similar name to your template, and if you want visitors to click on this link, you will need some kind of link that says