Why you should never ever make a blog post that says ‘this is a game’

Business Insider blog format template The word “game” appears twice in this post. 

 It means “game-like”, but “gameplay” is the key word here. 

You can find more about the difference between game and content in the rules of this post, but the gist is that it’s okay to talk about “games” in a way that says “this is actually a game”.

 If you’re a game developer or just someone who wants to share a game with your fans, then by all means, do so.

But if you’re just a gamer, you can always make a video game article instead.

It’s more than a few hours of your time that you’re not spending playing a game.

This is how we get the word “games”.

This post was created in the last 48 hours, so I’ve only been editing it for the last two.

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