When you are stuck in a slump, you don’t have to choose: How to get out of the funk

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I know you’re probably thinking that you’ve never heard of shabby blogs, but that’s because I didn’t either.

So why would anyone write about shabby bloggers?

I mean, what’s the point of a blog if you can’t get anywhere on your own?

It’s not like there’s any real purpose behind writing about shoddy stuff.

There’s nothing to say that this blog is worth anything.

But if you’re in a period of time where you are having trouble finding a good deal on anything, then why not?

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Read More  The idea of a shabby blogger has existed since the beginning of time, and as a result, they have been around since the dawn of humanity.

Shabby bloggers are often used as a source of inspiration for people looking to tackle the most difficult challenges of their lives, whether it’s the loss of a job, or simply struggling to find a place to live. 

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The idea for this article was taken from Daniel Kraus’ blog, The Shabby Blogger. 

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